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Aaron Ware, former co-founder of Greedmont Park, has recently ventured into a new chapter by launching Wanderfall, an innovative event firm. Wanderfall aims to redefine the live show landscape by focusing on immersive, experiential presentations that captivate audiences and create lasting memories. His extensive background in the creative industry positions him uniquely to bring a fresh perspective to event management.

In an exciting development, Wanderfall has partnered with HillTop Ave, a renowned research consulting agency known for its expertise in music and video production, mobile app development, and brand strategy. This partnership is set to leverage the strengths of both companies, combining Wanderfall's innovative event concepts with HillTop Ave's cutting-edge production capabilities. The collaboration is expected to set new standards in the industry, providing clients with unparalleled service and results that resonate in today's fast-paced, digital-first environment.

The first major project under this new partnership will be the launch of singer Raury's upcoming EP. Raury, known for his unique blend of folk, soul, and hip-hop, is set to benefit from the combined expertise of Wanderfall and HillTop Ave. The project promises to be a groundbreaking experience, showcasing Raury's talent in a way that reflects his artistic vision while engaging his audience in a memorable and impactful manner. This collaboration is poised to not only elevate Raury's career but also set a benchmark for future projects in the entertainment industry.

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