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"My aim is to make timeless music. Music that will still sound fresh 20 years from now.” - Shawn Cook


Gold selling & Grammy nominated Shawn Cook is taking his rich musicianship to a global scale. Cook established his bona fides collaborating and writing songs for Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, B-Real, and Berner. Tens of millions of streams later, Cook launched "The Silky Slim LP", an album titled in honor of Mac Dre's alternate moniker.


This all sets the stage for his upcoming concept EP titled “Claudette”, featuring the lead single “Stay.” Cook remains intent on altering the barren terrain of pop music. “I'm all about energy. Energy in life. I can feel the present energy from a mile away,” he said. “I don't like negative things or like negative people. That’s what I want to present in my music.”

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